Welcome to the HIMSS Keystone Chapter


About Us

  • Overview
    • Keystone HIMSS represents Western Pennsylvania and the capital region. It is one of more than 50 affiliated chapters of HIMSS, the largest health care information systems professional organization in the nation.
  • Our Formation
    • In May of 2022 the Western PA and Central PA HIMSS chapters entered into an agreement to pilot combining the two chapters with the goals of
      • Providing support from a Board and Committee perspective to assist with filling any individual chapter gaps to ensure a scalable model
      • Identifying and implementing best practices relative to finances, sponsorship, meetings, student support and leadership​
      • Demonstrating greater value to our members and sponsors
  • Our Chapter
    • Fosters professional growth, relationships, knowledge and collaboration among healthcare information management professionals.
    • Presents educational seminars/conferences, networking opportunities, and a forum for the exchange of ideas among those committed to the goal of improving patient care through the effective use of information technology.​
    • Includes members from diverse backgrounds ranging from hospitals and clinic organizations, third-party payors, administrators, information technology systems vendors, consultants, management engineers, telecommunications professionals, physicians, nurse and medical informatics professionals, and essentially anyone interested in the trends of health care information and management systems.​
    • Leads health information technology advocacy efforts in Pennsylvania.​


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